Role of Social Media and Digital Marketing in the Phenomenal Success of Chennai Express

Persistent Systems wins Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Choice award for innovative use of Big Data, Social Media and Gamification in driving record breaking success for the feature film Chennai Express.


Record Breaking Stats and Achievements by the numbers

Record Breaking Stats
Record Breaking Stats

“One of the biggest factors for the digital success of Chennai Express was the role of social media integration with the different digital products and the daily collection and analysis of huge data to understand the pulse of the digital audience. Acquiring data on a daily basis is worthless unless you analyze it correctly, interpret intuitively, strategize it creatively and implement it immediately!”


Shailja Gupta

Creative and Digital Strategist
for Chennai Express

The Role of Social Media & Digital 
Marketing in the Phenomenal Success of Chennai Express

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Computerworld Recognizes Organizations Achieving Business Benefits through Big Data with Data+ Editors’ Choice Awards


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